Netsso User Manual

Using Online Files Attachment in a Netsso Group

As in a personal Netsso, the Netsso Group can be attached to one or more online storage service accounts- Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. This enables those accounts to be managed securely on behalf of the Netsso Group. Please see a full description of managing these accounts via a personal Netsso, under Secure Online File Manager (SOFM) in this Manual.

To set this up, we recommend that the Manager of the Netsso Group should register a special new account with the chosen online store rather than give the Netsso Group members access to his personal storage account. (This is purely for personal privacy reasons, to avoid giving access to his private files accidentally). Then he attaches this new account to the Netsso Group, as per the instructions on the Netsso Group / Online Files page (Top menu link).

As an alternative to using an attachment to an online storage service for the Netsso Group itself, the Manager may decide to ask each member to offer files to the Netsso Group from each members own personal online file storage service, by taking a Public Link to the file in question and placing it in the Netsso Group for other users to read it.

Each individual member of a Netsso Group starts by default with No permission to use the attached online storage. But the Manager can decide to give a member permission to operate the online files account, if he wishes to do so. Netsso Group members who have this permission can upload/ download/ move/ share files into and from the online storage service.