Netsso User Manual

Encrypted Chat

Netsso Group offers its members the ability to chat with each other confidentially. All chat communications are encrypted end-to-end and all encryption is on the users' local machines only.

The Manager of the Netsso Group can  create any or all chats in the Netsso Group and can always read messages contained in any chats in that Netsso Group. He can also delegate the right to set up and manage chats to any member of the Netsso Group.

A member of the Netsso Group, if authorised by the Manager to create chats, will find a "Create Chat" button in his left Netsso sidebar under item "Chats".

J-Net Chats

He then becomes the Moderator of that chat channel and can perform various functions, beginning with the giving of a Title (name of topic) to the Chat and the sending of invitations to some or all of the other members of the Netsso Group to participate in the Chat. Selections of members to be invited to the chat are made from the full list of members of that particular Netsso Group.

Adding Member to Chat

The member will receive an invite to the chat in his own personal Netsso, via an orange popup "Check new items". He enters the chat immediately by clicking in the invitation. Your Netsso Group Chat notification will stay in your "Check New Items" area until you click to visit it

He can also enter Chat by logging in to the Netsso Group and clicking the desired Chat from the sidebar on his Blog page or on his Start Desk.

The member clicks that link to enter the chat at any time and can invite some other members of the chat to join him for a discussion. He types what he wants to say at the bottom of the chat page, and then clicks the arrow to insert it into the forum above, for all chat members to read.

Chat Window

Various icons on the chat window enable functions such as Invite to chat, member list, delete member, delete messages, expand window, save/print chats, etc, and depending on permissions (see below)

Chat Top


Chat Bottom