Netsso User Manual

Using the Netsso Group - Main Functions

When the Netsso Group is set up, it can basically be regarded as having the same functionality as a personal Netsso - that is a sophisticated web-based bookmarking service, including on-board transparent password management, extended to encompass a secure system for sharing and managing encrypted documents on the internet, based on major online file stores. It is a user of Netsso technology, like all other members of Netsso, a separate entity, with its own "virtual personality". Instead of being exclusively operated by one person, the Netsso Group can be operated by a group of people, and managed by one of them as Manager and others who have delegated powers from the Manager.

Its many bookmarking functions and the facilities it offers in the area of secure file management are described in the Bookmarking and SOFM chapters of this Manual. It also offers secure Chat and the ability to Blog for the private members of the Netsso Group, both of these being described in the articles listed below:

The Netsso Group's Blog Page

Encrypted Chat