Netsso User Manual

Receiving Invites to Join a Netsso Group

Invitations can be sent to anyone, whether a member of Netsso or not. If the invitee is not a member already, he will be invited to join Netsso first:

Receiving Invites to Join a Netsso Group

If the invitee is not a member of Netsso, he will be invited by email and his email address will appear on "Invited" list on his "Manage your Netsso Group" dialog window. The Manager can email him a number of times if necessary, using the "Mail" icon on that dialog. A message - for example, "Please join first, and generate your Sharing Keys there" - can be included with the invitations. In the same dialog, the Manager will be notified when the user has joined Netsso and generated his "sharing keys".

If the invitee is already a member of Netsso, the system will check to see if he has generated his sharing keys and, if not, will send him a message asking him to do so. ("Sharing Keys" are for encrypted transfer of data- links and some other data- within Netsso. They comprise a "public" key, available to all Netsso members, used to encrypt data being sent to a member and a "private" key, available to him exclusively, which decrypts this data).

When he generates these keys, the sending Manager will be notified and will have to issue the invitation again, for technical reasons. When the Netsso member, with sharing keys generated, receives the invitation to join the Netsso Group he receives it in his personal Netsso, and will be able to click to Accept or Refuse the invitation:

The Manager is emailed accordingly and if the member has accepted the invite, he receives a confirmation notification inside Netsso and told where to find the new Netsso Group (- in his My Groups list on his personal Netsso Blog page or Start Desk), from where he can access it by clicking.