Netsso User Manual

Setting Up a Netsso Group

Any Netsso member can set up / register a new Netsso Group from inside his personal Netsso. He merely pulls down the Admin and then the Groups menu and clicks "Register Group". Then he enters the name of the new Netsso Group in the next window. He will then find the Netsso Group listed on his "Groups" panel on his Netsso sidebar. (In the example panel below, the single person icon beside a Netsso Group name means that the user is the Manager of that Netsso Group, whereas a double person icon means that he is merely a member.)

My Netsso GroupsThe Netsso member who registers the Netsso Group then becomes its "Manager" and assumes a wide range of powers over other members, giving or withholding from them various permissions related to their access to various features of the Netsso Group, including its links, desktops, Albums and its online documents, etc. (See details below) But his first task is to invite them to join....