Netsso User Manual

About Netsso Groups

A Netsso Group is basically the same as a personal Netsso except that it is operated by two or more persons jointly. It is established by one member of Netsso and he then invites other members to join him in using the Netsso Group for their common purpose. A typical purpose could be Research, the joint investigation, collation and curation of knowledge on a special topic. Or management of a joint project of any sort. Another purpose would be use as a secure forum in which a consultant / lawyer / other professional would share documents and communications with clients, as well as confidential discussions about the documents or the matter.

As in a personal Netsso, the Netsso Group comprises a bookmarking system, capable of handling thousands of links divided into categories of interest, with inbuilt password management, together with a system for securely managing documents held in major online stores, such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive. It also uses a system of "desktops" (pages of links) and Albums (thematically arranged folders of desktops) with the same functionality as in private Netssos. It includes a "Blog" page on which members of the group can post opinions, guides, articles, etc. As an extra compared to private Netssos, it also offers its members the possibility to Chat with each other securely (- that is, encrypted chat).

The combination of jointly operated bookmarks to any web object, documents available instantly online and secure chat, all inside a password-protected environment, represents a powerful tool for efficient and productive cloud computing and collaboration.

Netsso Groups have a GREEN user interface, to distinguish them from a user’s personal Netsso.

Netsso Groups work  also on mobile phones.