Netsso User Manual

Decrypting a File

Files which have been encrypted in Secure Online File Manager (SOFM) and stored on one of the three main cloud storage services, mentioned above, will be found in the synch folder of the storage service on your Android or maybe you may have placed them elsewhere on the device. They will have the extension "ncrypt".

List of files in storage client

Tap on the file.

The decrypted copy will be placed by default into the folder My Documents\Telecryptor\Decrypted Files and will be automatically opened. (If it does not open then most likely the wrong Master Password has been recently used and is currently the "active master password" in the Android memory. Or possibly Telecryptor cannot find the appropriate password for that file in its local database. In either case, you will be invited to try again by entering your credentials and "Updating" the local password database in Telecryptor.)

NOTE: Telecryptor will keep your master password in active memory, to enable you to decrypt a number of files without repeat entry of credentials.