Netsso User Manual

About Netsso Telecryptor

Telecryptor is a small piece of software which sits on your Android device, ready to decrypt files which have been encrypted in the Netsso system, stored on online storage services, but downloaded to your device without going through the SOFM/Netsso page. The files may appear in the storage service's local "synch" folder, for example and you might need to decrypt them having moved them from there to your desktop or local folder.

NOTE: On Windows devices Telecryptor has additional functions which do not operate on Android.

Telecryptor works by accessing your database of Netsso-encrypted file passwords, downloading it to the Android and searching that database locally for the correct password with which to decrypt a file when you need it. Of course, you must authenticate yourself to Telecryptor (and Netsso): Your database of encryption  passwords is itself encrypted in Netsso and is downloaded to the Telecryptor in encrypted mode and can only be revealed when you enter your correct credentials (username and Master Password).

With this service, encrypted files which you store on your DropBox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive can be decrypted, opened and read by you on your local Android phone/ tablet When you then close them, they are stored in  encrypted mode.