Netsso User Manual

Create and Manage an Online Html File

Netsso offers its members an online document-creation service via its SOFM system. You can click to create a new document while online, and then edit it and store or share it. It can also be optionally encrypted.

These documents can have a number of possible uses:

To create and edit these files:

  1. Go to your Netsso/OnlineFiles/My(Storage)
  2. Select the folder where you want to store the document when created
  3. Pull down the Create html file menu and click
  4. Edit the new empty file. A third-party rich text editor is built into the file. (Similar to editing a Word doc)
  5. Save, or Save As the file. (Use Save As to give it a title)
  6. At this point you will be invited to encrypt it or not. If you click to use encryption, the file will be quickly downloaded to your local computer, encrypted there via the Netsso encryption system, wherein the key is available to you exclusively, and then re-loaded into your SOFM window.(All en/decryption in Netsso is exclusively on your local machine)
  7. Right click the new file and avail of the list of online file options at any time. For example, you can “Copy Link for Netsso” and then go to any of your other Netsso desktops and “Paste” the link, so that, later, you can access the file from any computer without the little bother of going into the online store first and searching for it.

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