Netsso User Manual

Collections of Links

Even on the same desktop (page) there is often a need to group links into sub-Collections, which can be managed and manipulated as a group. This may also be for a temporary purposes, such as selecting and grouping links together to post them somewhere else, still together.

Create Collection

To Create a Collection, simply right-click or Tap on the desktop and choose "Create Collection". You will receive the "Create Collection" dialog, where you give the new collection a title, and a description and icon if you wish, and then Submit. You can then drag the new collection to any part of the Netsso desktop.

Later you can Edit it in a similar dialog, when you click the little arrow in the upper right corner of the collection window.

Edit Collection

To place a link into a Collection just drag it from the desktop. And drag it back out as you wish, or from one Collection to another.

You can also move the Collection around the desktop by dragging – click on the Collection title in the box, hold down the mouse and then drag.

In the tablets, you must use the context menu to move and drag the links and the collection itself. Tap in the box to open the menu and select what you want to move and then tap in the new location and "Move Selected to Here".

Collection Menu

To detach a link from a collection, using a tablet, tap on the link and choose "Detach link" from context menu.

To Move or Copy a collection to a different desktop, or Album, choose “Copy/Move” in the context menu for the collection, then go to the new location and right-click/or tap and choose “Place selected here”.

Paste Collection

Sharing Collections: A desktop with many collections can be shared (posted to another Netsso member) in the normal way for sharing desktops. If a member wants to share only one collection to another member, user must choose "share collection" from context menu of collection and then to follow instructions on screen.