Netsso User Manual

How to receive a shared link

When another Netsso member sends you a link, you will be notified to the most recent email address which you have recorded in Netsso. You will also be notified by an alert sign at the side of your Netsso desktop, suggesting that you "check new items". (You will also find news of the new share if you click the top line Admin menu and choose Shared Links.) From all these places, when you click, you will receive the "Shared Links" dialog, and some information about the shared link (who from, the date, etc), and you should first click on the message and see it decrypt, and then you will receive more information about the link and can decide to click to Accept it or to Refuse the offer. If you Accept it, an orange message will advise you to paste the new link in some chosen part of your Netsso.