Netsso User Manual

Sharing Keys

Sharing is effected securely via encryption, by means of "sharing keys". Each member has his personal Sharing Keys, which he generates himself, one time only, on his local computer and which are stored for him in the Netsso server. He receives a "pair" of keys, connected to each other. The "Public" key can decrypt a message encrypted by the "Private" key and vice-versa. The Public key is stored in unencrypted form on the server, and is used by any other member sending a shared link or message to the first member. The Private key is stored, encrypted by the members Master Password, and is downloaded to his local machine where it is decrypted and then used to decrypt the message.

The sharing/exchange of links or messages will work automatically provided the recipient user has generated his keys one time. If he has not done so, he will be reminded to do so and will be guided in generating the keys. Alternatively, he can generate sharing keys by clicking the top menu item Admin and choosing Shared Links, where, if he needs to generate keys, a wizard will take him through the process in a minute or less.