Netsso User Manual

About Sharing in Netsso

A single link or a group of links can be shared with one or more members of Netsso. And, with some restrictions, it can be emailed to non-members of Netsso. Please note: "sharing" in Netsso is different to sharing in many other bookmarking services. Netsso does not open a gateway for other members to come into your Netsso and look at your links or other data. That would be a violation of your security (and is impossible for Netsso to do anyway as Netsso does not know your access password). "Sharing" in Netsso means sending data to other members, when you decide to do it.

Netsso makes continual effort to protect your most sensitive data. If Netsso thinks that you might accidentally be about to share /send sensitive data (such as your login credentials to web sites) it will warn you and question you as to your real intentions.