Netsso User Manual

Annotating and Decorating links


When making a link you should consider giving it a reasonably short (- for neatness) mnemonic Title, related perhaps to the main relevance of this link for you. This is often better than pasting the sometimes very unwieldy, lengthy, multi-folder-level- titles that often come with urls (and don't always even describe properly what's inside the link!). Then you could either paste that unwieldy url or a section of it into the link Description and also describe what's in the link which may be of interest to yourself in the future and appropriate for later searching. (Descriptions popup as "mouseovers" when you hover your curser over the links. to help you identify them quickly.) Judicious use of link Titles and Descriptions comprise the main forms of link annotation in Netsso, as well as the title of the desktop on which you place the link and perhaps even a sub-category on that desktop.

You can also add further annotation to a link by writing a short Note about the link and its content, and placing the Note adjacent to the link on the desktop.

Using Icons

Another way to identify the general content of a link or to mark its importance or action-urgency is by selecting an appropriate icon to place in front of the link. When a link is being made it usually adopts the icon of the link Type  (Login Link, Simple Link, etc) if being made on the desktop, or the link's website origin/source, if being pasted from the internet. But the user can over-ride these choices and pick his own icon from the list supplied in Netsso (or even by finding and using his own icon on the internet). Do this while making the link on the “Create Link” form, or afterwards by right-clicking the desktop and choosing Edit/View Link. The popup dialog offers editing possibilities for the text colour, the font size and style, the icon, as well as the description.

Edit/View Link

You can "choose" icon, and then decide to use either "Netsso images" or "Find" (your own). You scroll down the list of Netsso Icons or "Preview" them in a separate window. You will notice that icons come in two sizes: Size 16, which we recommend for normal links; and Size 24, which we recommend for using as Sub-Headings on a desktop, denoting a particular group of links (such as a sub-topic of the main desktop theme). (If you choose to use your own “custom” icon, the file size will be limited to maximum 64x64.)

Icons Preview

Instead of using a url referenced to some third party web site, you might find it more useful to upload your desired icon  to your own online storage service (Dropbox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive), which, preferably, you can “connect” to your Netsso. (See Secure Online File Manager.) Click the folder icon in the ‘Icon url’ field, You will arrive at “Storage Explorer” where you can upload images for icons, and later choose them and use them as link icons on desktops, See the image below: