Netsso User Manual

Searching Links - Re-Finding Information

If you are reasonably diligent at allocating new links to their appropriate thematic  Albums and desktops, and placing suitable icons and descriptions on them, then re-finding them later will be very easy and very fast, probably the fastest of any book marking system on the internet. Just go to the desktop and "look"!. It should just take seconds, even if you have stored hundreds or thousands of links. Links which you use regularly, and whose position has not been moved, will be spotted instantly as your brain remembers their position on the desktop.

But you also have a familiar Search panel, upper right side of your page, in which you insert your search terms and then, by means of the little arrow on the left side of the panel, select to search all your links ("MyLinks"), or only on "This desktop", or even on Google. (That is, you can also search the internet world, beyond your Netsso links, without launching a search engine first.) (It may be of interest to note that over 50% of all Google searchers end up going back to a web site they had visited previously. A search inside Netsso for such terms is likely to be satisfied faster than in a major search engine, because your Netsso "knows" what you are looking for from the words you used in naming the link and in describing its relevance for you.)

Serach Links

All of your data in Netsso links (including your descriptions) is searched when you enter search words/terms. However, data which is encrypted cannot be searched this way. (Your credentials in Login Links are encrypted by default, but they can be searched by keywords contained in their Titles and Descriptions.) In order to search fully encrypted links, you must give them tags, and, in the Search Links dialog which appears after you first instruct the search panel to go search, you should use the tab "Search by Tag" to search among the encrypted links.

Search Links

After searching the links on the current desktop (via a keyword), results will be highlighted. To later cancel the highlighting use the button "CANCEL" in the tabs bar, or right-click (or tap) on a highlighted link and choose "Cancel all highlights...".

NOTE: Your list of results from a MyLinks search will include the name of the Album and Desktop where the found link resides. Just click on that Album/Desktop and you will be brought immediately to the link.


NOTE If the tabs bar contains more than one line of of tabs, and the bar is collapsed, then the "Cancel" button will not be visible. To find the "CANCEL" button, expand the tabs bar by the twined arrow at the right end of the bar.