Easily Encrypt your files online, and then Share them with other members

Encrypt your files online, and then Share

How it works

Netsso offers its members an "end-to-end" encryption system for files to be held online.

This means the file is encrypted on the member's local computer and decrypts on his local computer, be it the same or a different one. It can not be decrypted anywhere else and no middle person- not even the Netsso server administrator - can decrypt it or can know the password.

The file is encrypted by a random password, of c. 40 highly complex characters. The password is then encrypted by other passwords and ultimately by the members own Master (Netsso) Password, which only he knows. It is then packed with the file and sent to storage, or elsewhere. The file can be decrypted on another computer, provided the member has logged in to Netsso on that computer using his Netsso Master Password.

Storing & sharing encrypted files

Syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive

Currently, our service works for storing files on Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive. The member connects his Netsso to his online storage service (or all three), by a few clicks from the Netsso File Encryption and Managment system page (NFEM). From the top menu of Netsso he will have a special view of, e.g his Dropbox folders and files and he can click to load files there through his Netsso page. As he does so, he can click-decide to encrypt a particular file or not, an instruction which Netsso carries out transparently. He can later Preview, Open or Download that file from the same or another computer, through his Netsso, and read it decrypted when he wishes.

Alternatively, he can take a Netsso link to the file in the Dropbox and place that link on an appropriate desktop in Netsso, perhaps alongside other files and links of the same theme or in a special collection. Then, from any computer, he just clicks the link to get the file. He can also click the file in the NFEM/Dropbox window and select "Share". He enters the name of the recipient- another Netsso member- in a popup form and clicks to transfer it. The file is received in the recipients Netsso within seconds, together with the file's exclusive password, encrypted this time by the recipients public "sharing key",

and ready for him to Download/Open it and decrypt it via his private sharing key, when he enters his Netsso Master Password. We therefore have a highly efficient system for transferring ("sharing" ) strongly encrypted files on the internet, via our secure Dropbox, where the file is only ever decrypted on the computer being used by the sender or receiver.. Excellent for transferring important documents between friends, family, colleagues or teams. Note: users only ever have to click, and no need to remember passwords.. This is the easiest way to create your secure Dropbox or other online file store, for individuals and teams.

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