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Using Netsso on Windows 10
Many members will be well aware by now that Microsoft has launched their latest version, Windows 10 and is actively encouraging users to upgrade to it

It comes with a new browser, called Edge. Unfortunately- for tens of millions of software developers and their customers - this Edge browser does not support "browser "extensions", including Netsso's Login Pilot, which enables you to record and login your credentials to websites on your Netsso bookmark and a couple of other associated functions.
Developers have been led to expect that Microsoft will cure this problem soon, by adding support for extensions in the Edge browser.

Meantime, you can still use Windows 10..but you must select to use it via a regular browser, such as Internet Explorer 11, or Firefox or Chrome, all of which you should find available in the new operating system
posted: 14 Sep, 2015, 14:15
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