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User Manual

What to install?

Netsso is web-based and therefore can be accessed from any computer and device without the need to install local software. For example, you can load an encrypted document to your Dropbox via any Windows computer and later download and decrypt it on an Android device, or iPad. (A mobile version., is available for iPhone and smartphones using Android)

However, for best performance of some functions, you may need to install the following small optional plugins/extensions, which takes a minute or two:

  • The Login Pilot. This gathers and stores your login credentials for certain sites and uses the information to log you in transparently when you click on the links to them.  It also enables you to simply record a new web page link by right-clicking in the webpage (- or on an image or other link or section of text -) and choosing "Copy link for Netsso". Without the Login Pilot, Netsso still remembers your login credentials and provides them to you as a popup when you need them, so you can copy-paste them. (On touch devices, where “right-click” is not available, just Tap to see the context menu)
  • The Netsso Telecryptor is useful for encrypting/ decrypting online files and managing them via the online service's "synch folders", if you prefer not to access them via a web interface. (You can do both, as you may choose from time to time). It is a good idea - though not necessary - to install it anyway, as it improves performance (such as speed of encryption/decryption) and enables some extended possibilities (such as processing files heavier than 80 Megabytes)

Netsso will advise you online whenever you might need to install or upgrade any of these items. While we strongly recommend that you install Telecryptor – see more about it below - you can enjoy your Netsso without any locally installed Netsso software.