Netsso User Manual

Decrypting a File

To decrypt an encrypted copy of a file navigate to the file in Windows Explorer and click "Decrypt" or “Decrypt Copy” in its context menu:Telecryptor Context Menu

If you choose "Decrypt" then the following dialog will be shown:

Telecryptor-Decrypt File

Click "Decrypt" to decrypt the file. The encrypted file contains a hash of PRK and RK (see About NFEM Encryption). They enable searching in the password database for PRK and RK which are used for encryption of the file. If either is found and it is encrypted by the active MP then the file will be decrypted automatically. If the currently active MP is the MP of another Netsso account, for example, then you will be asked to enter the correct MP. If your local database does not contain the required password (the required PRK or RK) then you will be invited to update the local database. On successful updating and if the updated database contains the required PRK or RK the file will be decrypted automatically.

If you choose "Decrypt Copy" then a little different dialog will be shown:

Telecryptor-Decrypt Copy of File

By default the decrypted copy will be placed in the folder My Documents\Telecryptor\Decrypted Files. To select a different location click the button “Change” and choose another folder and name. When you click “Decrypt” the all will be same as in the previous case except the original file will stay unchanged.