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Update File

Google Drive and OneDrive do not use the file name as the unique identifier of a file but, rather,  some unique id generated when the file is created. Therefore it is not possible to correctly update the file in the online store by simply deleting the existing file and uploading a new one with the same name as the new file will have a different id. Another reason relates to the need not to lose or change the original RK for encryption of the file content. For this reason NSCM offers a separate option for updating  the file, by clicking “Update” in the file context menu. If Telecryptor  is installed a new window will be opened:

Update File

Click button “Browse” to select the new version of the file and then click “Update”.

If Telecryptor is not installed then the popup dialog will look a little different but work the same way. The only difference is that the size of the file used for updating should not be more than 80 MBytes if the file is encrypted. Otherwise you will be warned that updating is not possible without having Telecryptor installed.