Netsso User Manual

Adding Members to the J-Net

The Manager clicks on the new J-Net link on his My J-Nets panel, and from inside it he clicks Admin / Manage J-Net (or from the User Details area on the J-Net Blog page), and this brings up the following dialog

Inside this dialog he sees icons beside each existing member’s name, providing the member‘s email address, the ability to modify permissions, update the contact details or delete the member. At the top he sees a button to press to Add a New member, and he can also press the "Invited" button for a list of those members who have been invited and not yet responded.

When he clicks the Add Member button, he receives a new dialog, inviting him to enter the members email address (even if he is not currently a Netsso member). He can also type a message for the invited member, to be sent along with the invitation.

Access to J-Net

At this point- when inviting a new member- the Manager also has the possibility to set user permissions for the new member, or he can do it (modify them) later. (Read about Permissions below)