Netsso User Manual

Setting Up a J-Net

Any Netsso member can set up/ register a new J-Net from inside his personal Netsso. He merely pulls down the Admin menu and clicks "Register a J-Net". Then he enters the name of the new J-Net in the next window. He will then find the J-Net listed on his "My J-Nets" panel on his Netsso/Blog page, and/or on the same panel on his Start Desk. (In the example panel below, the single person icon beside a J-Net name means that the user is the Manager of that J-Net, whereas a double person icon means that he is merely a member.)

My JNetsThe Netsso member who registers the J-Net then becomes its "Manager" and assumes a wide range of powers over other members, giving or withholding from them various permissions related to their access to various features of the J-Net, including its links, desktops, Albums and its online documents, etc. (See details below) But his first task is to invite them to join....