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Sharing a group of links/a complete desktop

To share a group of links

  • Select links draging your cursor from the top left corner of the group to the bottom right corner. Then right-click just outside the selection (or tap in a tablet) and in context menu click "Copy/Move Selected Group".
  • Create a new (even temporary) desktop from the tabs range (+), give it a title and click "Submit". Then right-click (or tap) on the new desktop and choose "Place Selected Link(s) here" or "Copy Selected Link(s) here".
  • Share the new desktop by choosing in context menu "Share desktop ...". In the next dialog, click "OK", to choose which links you want to share. (By default, encrypted links are not shared, but you can choose to share them by selecting them.) Then click "Continue", to the standard sharing dialog.

Choose Links for Sharing