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What can Netsso be used for?

Netsso stores your web addresses online, making them accessible from (almost any) computer over the Internet. It enables you to customise how you want the addresses/ links stored, separating them into different "desktops" and/or groups. And it logs you in to these places, with simple clicking, avoiding the need to remember and enter addresses or passwords, etc. Netsso is suitable for storing contact information, addresses, short notes, etc. It automatically encrypts all of your data using your Master Password, and encryption/decryption is always on your local Netsso administrators can never see your data. So, its a customisable, secure store and retrieval system for important and useful data which you would like to have available to you whenever you need it...Data such as:

  • Your favourite web places
  • Your member numbers for various accounts, utilities and such objects
  • Your current web research sources
  • Contact information
  • Current activity data- such as flight/trip data, connections, numbers
  • Reminders, thoughts, things to do
  • For accessing your files and folders stored online