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Is Netsso unique?

There are some other products which offer SSO services, but they are based on engines which sit on a particular computer and they store data on that computer. So you can't access those data (your web links) from other computers, or over the web generally. In the last year or so a few other web-based services have arrived on the market, offering Netsso-type functionality--to some extent- but they do not work like Netsso. For example Netsso's system/ engine for "dialling" you into sites where your username and password must be entered is based on our specially written LoginPilot - which appears to be unique. Also, the Netsso user interface appears to be unique, placing the user's links- hundreds of them- on a "desktop"-style background. Links can be denoted by different icons and can be moved around in a drag/drop fashion. This is especially handy for "grouping" links, where groups can be created to suit the user's current objectives and priorities. The user can also give titles to his groups and different icons for groups or individual links, and he can add Notes, placing them beside relevant links or groups, and storing them online (and encrypted like all his other data). This can be very useful when doing web-research, for example