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Why are there different types of Links?

Netsso's "Simple Link" is similar to your Bookmarks or Favourites in other environments- i.e. urls/ addresses to web pages anywhere on the Internet. But some of these places do not give you access unless you can enter your "credentials" to authenticate yourself- i.e. normally your username and password. Links to such places are called AutoLogin Links in Netsso, and require Netsso to record your credentials for a particular web place, one time, and then later to dial you in there, as a background activity, when you double-click to go there. This is different technology, provided by the "Netsso LoginPilot", which you must install on your computer. (You can download the latest version from the Netsso site.) But a few websites use a much more complex entry routine, requiring the user to enter random data, rather than predictable data, for example. Netsso cannot be programmed to handle these automatically on your behalf. So, instead, it permits you to store whatever data is predictable for these sites, including your username and password, in the form of a "Login Memo", so that you always have it with you and you can copy/paste the data manually as required. Apart from those three types of link to urls, Netsso also enables you to store an online Note in similar fashion to making a link.