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Is Netsso similar to Open ID and how do they compare?

No, not similar. OpenID is a system in which the user registers his identity with some website and gets a token which he can use to gain access to other websites, when they check his identity with the first one, basically. It only works with websites which support it, which is currently less than 1% of all websites. It means the user doesn't have to register, remember or enter different usernames/ passwords with those different websites. On the other hand he may have delays in logging in and in the authentication process. Also, its open to various types of security attacks and the general idea of using the same password for all sites is in itself insecure (because it means a lot more people know your single password). In Netsso, the user logs in with his username and password and afterwards can double click to any of his web places, including membership sites. In the background, Netsso "dials" him into these sites, using whatever passwords the user registered for those sites in Netsso-- i.e. normally complex and different passwords for different sites. The user does not have to remember or enter his different passwords- so the only advantage of OpenID is also available in Netsso. But in Netsso the user does not have to expose his privacy to security risks and, anyway, he can use Netsso to dial into most websites and use it to some extent with all sites. (In addition, Netsso has other features, such as Notes, etc)