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I made some points in my last Blog post about the utility value of making a link on your Netsso desktop- whichever one is most appropriate- to your individual files held in your Dropbox or Google Drive or One Drive. (Do this by loading the files to the store via the Netsso interface at Online Files menu , top of the page.. Then right click and "Copy link for Netsso")  So, a few more thoughts about the benefits of doing this, compared to just operating directly out of the Dropbox (or others):

* You can have links to files in different stores on the same desktops. Then drag to group them under whatever topic or other headings suit you at the time.
* Mix your links to online files with your links to any other web pages, images or objects, including your own Notes online, to form comprehensive anthologies of all your online   resources related to the same topic/ subject
* Copy links (=files online) to place them in as many relevant places as required, in your Netsso
* This is, in effect, altering your filing structure of your Dropbox, without touching the files. Just work with their links.  Two or more members sharing the same Dropbox can have, each his own filing structure.
* Quickly share or email files (via links) to other members of Netsso or to any email address
* Share encrypted files to other Netsso members speedily via their links.
* Preview some types of files via the links. No need to Open them first
*Online files from a group of collaborators can be shared with each other. So, you can have links to files on many different online storage accounts in the same desktop, or the same Collections

Just imagine if you and I were in the same Joint-Netsso (J-Net). We could read and discuss- via J-Net Chat- the details of a file you have on your GoogleDrive and how it compares to the file Jimmy has on his Dropbox, without anyone having to transfer files !

posted: 24 July, 2017, 15:54
More benefits of making Netsso links to your Online files
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Some members who use the Netsso Secure Cloud Manager service (NSCM), (see Online Files menu above/ About- Manage) may not be aware of some of the hidden benefits of the service
Of course the most obvioius benefit is the security which NSCM provides your documents as they are stored in  Dropbox and other online stores, and the ability to share these secure files with other members of Netsso. You and any other members which you share to can pick up these files, optionally decrypted, on almost any computer and device. (We still don't fully support MAC, but we will !)
But also you can take a link to a file in the Dropbox, via the Netsso interface, and place it anywhere on your desktops. (In fact, the system will now take the link for you with a click, when the file is uploaded, and keep the file under the "Check new items"  repository until you have time to select the location you prefer for it. You can then take it, add a Description and icon, etc as you wish)
The benefits:
* Searching for files. Dropbox itself offers search of file names. Netsso offers search of the file links by name and also by any key word contained in its description. You can find the file you want much faster !
* Filing structure. When you want to change around your file distribution within Dropbox, it can  be quite a chore, opening folders, finding files, repacking them, etc. But in Netsso, just drag the links around, to any new place, in seconds. Leave the files alone-- you never have to touch them. This is especially useful for groups sharing Dropbox accounts. Each group member can have his own filing system for the same files shared by everybody !
* Links to your online files on the same desktop can refer to files stored on Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive (with a few more to come).Just click a link and Netsso will find it wherever the file is.
*  You can switch between your file collections on any of the three mentioned stores very fast  -  in seconds.  And back. And forth !

More benefits in the next post...
posted: 26 June, 2017, 22:03
Hidden benefits of NSCM in Dropbox
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Many of our members will enjoy the NSCM service, described on the About/Manage page under the top link "Online Files", in which you can manage your Dropbox and other online stores securely, by loading/unloading files via your Netsso.

But Dropbox has announced that it is changing its technology in an important way which will impact on the Netsso service from mid-2017. In the meantime, it also had a security breach itself, in which up to 60 million users passwords were leaked - perhaps a demo of the need to manage your Dropbox securely via Netsso !- and they ask their users therefore to log in to their Dropbox accounts to change their passwords, if necessary. (When you log in, you will be told if it is necessary in your case..)

So, we offer the following procedure to our members, which will take less than a minute and we hope will accommodate both the technology changes referred to and your new Dropbox password, if needed.:

Please login to Netsso, click the link Online Files/ About-Manage, then right-click on MyDropbox and choose "Disconnect". Wait a few seconds and then follow the same path and choose "Connect".

This will bring you to Dropbox, where you input your account details- username/password - (not known to Netsso, by the way) - and follow instructions there. If there's a problem with your Dropbox password you will be told at that stage and you'll have to create a new one. And then maybe, or maybe not, you will have to repeat the exercise in Netsso. That's all...It won't take long

Its a very good service ! (So's Dropbox...) (NSCM also works for Google Drive and OneDrive)
posted: 9 September, 2016, 11:04!-important-message-for-users-of-the-netsso-dropbox-connection-for-securing-online-files-!
! Important message for users of the Netsso-Dropbox connection for securing online files !
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Many members will be well aware by now that Microsoft has launched their latest version, Windows 10 and is actively encouraging users to upgrade to it

It comes with a new browser, called Edge. Unfortunately- for tens of millions of software developers and their customers - this Edge browser does not support "browser "extensions", including Netsso's Login Pilot, which enables you to record and login your credentials to websites on your Netsso bookmark and a couple of other associated functions.

Developers have been led to expect that Microsoft will cure this problem soon, by adding support for extensions in the Edge browser.

Meantime, you can still use Windows 10..but you must select to use it via a regular browser, such as Internet Explorer 11, or Firefox or Chrome, all of which you should find available in the new operating system

posted: 14 September, 2015, 14:15
Using Netsso on Windows 10
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Testers of our encryption service for online documents, should now do the following:

1. Uninstall the present version of Telecryptor and of SCKit. (Instructions to uninstall programs should be on your Control Panel)

2. Re-boot your computer

3. In your Netsso pull down the menu under the OnLineFiles link and go to About/Manage

4 From that page, in the graphic, click to download the new Telecryptor

The new Telecryptor includes all the functions of SCKit and will be a simple install. It should also place an icon on your task bar which, when you right-click it, will give you various links direct from your computer to some Netsso pages. (This will allow you, for example, click the icon when you are off line to paste a quick note into your Netsso)

To use Telecryptor, just right click any file and select the Netsso-Telecryptor menu. (You must have a Netsso Master Password)

posted: 16 May, 2015, 17:46
New Telecryptor (incl. new SCKit) is now available
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Next Monday, May 4, we will introduce a new version of Telecryptor, with which SCKit will be combined. It will require one simple download and install, taking under a minute. This will provide encryption/ decryption of files (via right-click) on your local computer where Telecryptor is installed and, if you upload these encrypted files to your online store, it will enable them to be transparently decrypted on other computers and some devices via Netsso/ OnlineFiles/NSCM. Until Monday, you can continue to decrypt files encrypted between Jan 1 and April 20 this year. If you want to ever decrypt these files please do so before Monday. After Monday you will be invited to delete your present Telecryptor/SCKit and install the new version. This message will be emailed to you also.

posted: 1 May, 2015, 10:24!-message-for-testers-of-netsso-telecryptor-and-secure-cloud-kit-(sckit)
IMPORTANT !- Message for testers of Netsso-Telecryptor and Secure Cloud Kit (SCKit)
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There are many features of Netsso which we have never publicised. Such as the ability to make a bookmark, not only for web pages, but also for web links, and images. There are also sharing facilities which work very well, and much faster than email. You can share one-to-one via an internal "Share" with other members, or via email, with any email address. But, more than this, keep an eye out for "J-Nets", Joint Netssos where groups/ teams jointly operate a Netsso. We are also updating our selection of desktop backgrounds and link icons.  Then there will be a special service for users of DropBox, GoogleDrive or Onedrive, wherein, if you load your files to these places via Netsso, they will be encrypted, on your local machine, and they can be decrypted on the local machine or any other machine, via Netsso.. Etc. We will be announcing these and some other changes in the near future

posted: 28 March, 2015, 21:08
Netsso will be changing..
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If the Netsso Login Pilot is installed on the computer/tablet which you are working from,  then  you can make a fast link to any webpage, or image, or other link which you might want to revisit by either clicking the Netsso icon which you should find on the page or by right-clicking on the desired object and choosing "Copy Link for Netsso".  Then you right-click again in your Netsso, where you want to place the link, and choose "Paste from page" Then you can give it a Description and icon if you wish or shorten the title. It all takes only seconds. (Tablets use a method other than right-click..It should still work)

posted: 22 February, 2014, 8:53
Quickly create a Simple Link from any webpage to Netsso
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There will be a growing list of Tips for using Netsso in the special Tips box on the lower left side of this page. Please take a look there from time to time Also..please let us know of any tips you develop yourself...We may publish them, after checking them out! Send them to ContactUs, under the help menu above.

posted: 22 February, 2014, 8:51
TIPS for making better use of Netsso
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You can Import your favourites from most popular browsers and centralise them in Netsso. That way, you have access to them from any PC. Also, you can enhance them with icons, colours, memorable titles, etc. You will find instructions under the "Desktops" menu, upper right side. (The total number of favourites you can import is limited by your links quota, which should be indicated in the member Welcome box, left side here)

posted: 22 February, 2014, 8:47!
Import your favorites from your browser!
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